Summit Capital Partners LLC specializes in the acquisition of off-market real estate throughout the Puget Sound region. Although boutique in size, Summit Capital annually acquires $100 million in real estate. We do this by working directly with the seller to understand and meet their goals and adhere to their timelines. We buy properties as-is, which is particularly attractive to sellers who wish to avoid the time, money, and energy needed to get their property "market-ready." Together with no commissions, these favorable terms allow us to continually source numerous assets that offer value-add opportunities.

Summit Capital Partners is a highly specialized firm that operates in a niche market. Our team works closely with our partners to purchase highly desirable properties and we take great pride in finding ways that ensure all parties can walk away feeling they received a fair deal. Our business model benefits the seller because we purchase properties as-is and eliminate agent fees, ultimately getting them a higher net value for their property. Creating a “win-win” on both sides of the table allows us to build rapport with our buyers, sellers, and partners, leading to long-term, productive, business relationships.


Discreet & Confidential.

No interruptions to tenants or neighbors, and no public advertising keeps the transaction confidential.

Rising Values.

Values have risen significantly and many long-term owners are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell at these high prices.

Favorable Terms.

Our flexibility on terms, closing dates, tenants, occupancy, and other factors are appreciated by sellers, and help ensure the success of our acquisitions and projects.

No Commissions.

The lack of broker commissions deducted from the seller’s profit is an attractive incentive, which creates a steady stream of business opportunities.

If you or someone you know is looking to sell or simply needs an honest evaluation, please reach out below. There is no obligation, and our discussions will remain completely confidential.

We look forward to speaking with you.