Job Description

We are seeking a full-time contract administrator and admin assistant who will assist our Acquisition Team in creating purchase and sale contracts. This person will be responsible for inputting all suitable properties into an Excel database summary and create automated Purchase and Sale agreements. They will also use a program which assists in handwriting these agreements. Finally, they will address the outgoing envelopes and mail them. We are seeking a person who can successfully and routinely send out an established quota. No experience is necessary; however intermediate to advanced knowledge of basic computer skills is required.

Desired Skills & Experience

•Knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Access and Word
•Advanced typing skills; 50+ WPM preferred
•Interest in real estate and passion for learning more
•Good handwriting is a plus!
•Ability to work well and efficiently with others

Job Type/Compensation

Full Time
Hourly $48,000-$100,000/hour (DOE)

To apply for this position, please email a Cover Letter & Resume with relevant experience and qualifications.